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As we all know that Blogging has become the talk of the internet. Blogs also have become a major focus point on Search Engines.

Blogs receive the majority of traffic from Search Engines no matter what service, product, or information you or your company are trying to promote.

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can be refreshed instantly with Blogs and most Blog Platforms are perfect for SEO. A Blog will usually have an extension in the URL that the Search Engines recognize and is picked up right away. Blogs are trusted by most Search Engines and help in a Higher Regard then Websites. Do not get me wrong Websites are extremely important to Search Engines and a Company. The difference is if your website is new the Search Engines hold it back for a little while until it develops natural links to the site, we as Blogs have a trusted URL that has hundreds of thousands of links, because of the web address.

I always recommend when we are building the Blog that we keep the Blog companies name in the URL, example Most Search Engines know who the Blog company is and kind of will give it a free pas and allow the site to get indexed quicker.

When it comes to blogs, consumer information discovery trends are involving social networks and social media at an increasing rate. Recommendations are competing with search. When looking at the web analytics of our blog and client blogs, social media traffic is in the top 5 referring sources of traffic. Blogs are social and social media sources will become increasingly important for many business blogging efforts in the coming year.

Some more of the major advantages of having a Blog tied in with SEO is that you link it to the website, All Social Media Platforms like Digg, Twitter, Reddit, Mixx, Tipd and then some. Also another great aspect to Blogs is that some of the Blog Platforms have their own Search Engine, such as Not only do the Blogs have their own Search Engine but some of them are ranked on Major Search Engines like Google. Also the Blog Search Engines will rank pretty high for competing keywords.

There is a skill required to making a Blog so that it does not look spammy. You have to know how to plug in the logo, set up the categories, pages, content, descriptions, titles, blog line, social media links, URL links, and the list goes on.

We develop a customized Blog with your Logo, about us page, links to websites and we wrap the SEO process into your Blog. We have a team of content writers that will post new relevant content to your Blog. You will even have a unique URL for your Blog. Also you can track the traffic by the stats dashboard. Your Blog can be linked to every marketing tool possible. Your Blog works like a website but can be updated immediately. Blog Marketing is one of the fastest ways to bring traffic to your website. We build & post content any where from 100-200 plus words per post. Blogs with SEO is a great way to naturally attract Search Engine traffic. Blogs already have some optimized site structure, navigation, and great potential for linking. Linking your website to a well created Blog can increase your traffic to your website. Blogs can get indexed well enough where you can get ranked to keyword tail terms for your industry.

Marketing your Blog takes effort to get the right amount of views, plus there are allot of different Blog Platforms. 1st we use a keyword that will get a moderate to good level of GEO targeted traffic. This method will bring more profit through subscribers and sales. We narrow the scope of your Blog post to a 2-4 keywords phrase that will yield traffic. We check the keyword density throughout the Blog to make sure it is perfect and has established the right theme for your industry. Then we set up all the tags and categories that your Blog will post under. In the Blog we will establish link backs to your website.

Next up is letting the Blog GO. Posting in a timely fashion is key. We post your Blog when the traffic is peaking with Blog readers. We also monitor when the search engine crawlers visit your site. We can increase the # of crawl visits by Blogging on the time or period the engine crawlers come to your website. The more you post, the more the crawlers have to read your content, therefore helping your website and Blog pull higher in the Search Engines. When posting your Blog it may take a couple of days for your Blog to work its way though the Blogosphere to readers. If the Blog is posted to often it will be pushed down quicker and potentially not read. We start of by posting a few times a week for the best visibility.

Blog Platforms:

Here are Several Blog Platforms we will have set up for your company or .org is attracting millions of Bloggers daily and has a wide spread target audience for each related industry.

Blogger to give you an easy way to share your thoughts — about current events, what's going on in your life, or anything else you'd care to discuss — with the world. We've developed a host of features to make blogging as simple and effective as possible. is owned by Google

Technorati was founded to help bloggers to succeed by collecting, highlighting, and distributing the online global conversation. As the leading blog search engine and most comprehensive source of information on the blogosphere, we index more than 1.5 million new blog posts in real time and introduce millions of readers to blog and social media content.

The Blogs we design include depending on your SEO Package we will develop the content, pages, tags, categories, stats, indexed into Search Engines, and website linking.

We can customize a quote just for your Blog Marketing of we have a package set up with all of our SEO Services bundled. Please feel free to fill out the SEO quote form (link to quote form). We look forward taking your business to the next level.

Our SEO ranking campaign is the most affordable in the business. You can get a free SEO quote by clicking here or call us @ 954.551.9580. All of our SEO services are backed up by a year guarantee.

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