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Welcome to our Giving Back Page. On this page we will not discuss anything related to SEO. One thing that we have realized over the years is that you can never give enough help. Giving back could mean helping the community, schools, & people with your time as well as small donations. plays a big part in the community and not just on a local level. Every contract that we receive a portion goes towards charities of our choice. This means that the down payment and monthly fee will go towards a national or local out reach. We have selected two national Charities that we give to every month. We have provided links so that if you or your company wanted to give you can just click on the link. Not only does donate funds to select charities but time is also something that we give to. We give to local sports teams, the funds are needed for youth uniforms. We sponsor 3 a year. Also during the Holidays we as a company give to Toys for Tots and we donate Turkeys & can goods during the Thanksgiving Holidays. last also helped carve and de-bone over 300 turkeys’ that feed over 1000 needy families.

Another great thing that has been accomplished Jennifer Kerr Hawkins was awarded Volunteer of The Year. This was a bigger deal that she expected. Local news channels and news papers, all the elected officials from 3 counties were there to award her and other volunteers of the Year. She was one of 20 out of 800 that received this honor. Not only does she volunteer her time but is also a Member of the PTO. As a business we try to set a good example for kids and other business owners. With the way things are it is always good to know that you can always give back. We take great pride in our business with the way we do things for our Clients, Communities, & Family. You can expect the best from us.

This charity helps save neglected and abused animals by receiving monthly donations.
In 2008 they have rescued record numbers Thanks to the help of Donations & Vets nationwide.


Having a Family member die from Cancer made us more aware of how deadly Cancer can be without help. These children and their families need every little bit they can get. Medical insurance only covers so much.

Yes for both I saw the commercials and I have to say that no matter what a situation is if you have your health, family, food, & home then that is better than what these animals or kids or experiencing RIGHT NOW. If my company can make a small dent then we are able to sleep better at night. We have been donating to these charities now for several years. We hope that you can to. Thank you from all us here at for taking the time to read this page. We hope you can help to. If not remember you are by using our company for your SEO Plan.

Lyle Hawkins
Owner/President <

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