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The Power of Press Release Marketing has Turned a Corner in 2009 and will continue full steam in the years ahead…Press Releases are designed to Brand and bring awareness to your company.  We have developed & successfully marketed Press Release and ranked them on the 1st page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, & AOL. 

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What is a Press Release & how can it benefit my Business?

This is a common question with an easy answer.  A Press Release is a like an article that is written with links to your website, company logo, and images that highlight your products or services. The Idea behind a Press Release is to highlight something new your company is introducing, a milestone that has happened or anything you would like to share about your services. Press Release Marketing will offer allot of exposure to your Business, and is a am extremely Powerful Marketing Tool.

Press Releases have the potential to reach millions of internet users if done right.  We have designed and marketed close to a few hundred Press Releases with an extremely high success rate.  Press Release Marketing attracts quality back links to your Website therefore will help the Search Engine Rankings.

A Major Benefit that most companies are not aware of is that Press Releases get pushed to the top of the Search Engines with your industry keywords because of the fresh content and the relevancy of the Press Release Companies Link that is attacked to your article.  Google takes into consideration the link source attached to the Press Release, which is worth is weight in Gold.

Press Releases are also indexed into all the News Platforms on Google, Yahoo, & MSN.  The News Search Engine Areas Index your Press Release according to the category and keywords that are setup.  When Potential Prospects search Google News your Press Release will be showcased.  Also as a plus some Search Engines will place Press Release on the 1st page under News & Articles, this will draw allot of attention and add substantial traffic to your Press Release.

Another great aspect of Press Releases is that they do extremely well via Social Media.  We can Market the Press Release through Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, & Reddit, plus have it tagged on Social Book Marking Platforms.

Most Press Release Marketing Search Engines also allow your information to be displayed via their home page which generally will attract millions of users and readers. With all this potential exposure it is very important to add this type of marketing to your budget.

Since we are an Optimization Company when we design your Press Release we take this into consideration.  The main objective of Press Release Optimization is to develop keyword density throughout the content in the article and there are sections depending on the press release company where keywords can be added.  This makes the Search Engine Spiders pickup the information and help pull the Press Release closer to the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, & AOL.  Press Releases are considered new & fresh.

Below are a few examples of the Press Releases we have setup and the traffic that has come from our efforts. providing the best ‘SEO ranking services around.

 Here are some traffic stats generated from the Press Release Marketing.  We have group the stats together for each project named above.

 Vip Jewelry Buyers Press Release Traffic
2 Press Releases totaling 1,800 unique visits

 First Choice Debt Resolution Press Release Traffic
8 Press Releases totaling 3,000 unique visits Press Release Traffic
1 Press Release totaling 3,070 unique visits

To have you Business Branded & Marked through Press Releases just fill out the quote form on the contact us page and a Press Release Optimization Specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

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